Meredith Manguno

Major:  Psychology

Class: Senior

Hometown: Germantown, TN

Activities: Kappa Delta Sorority, Student Government Association Cabinet & Senate, Diamond Darlings, Order of Omega
Awards: Presidential Scholar, Corre Anding Stegall Leadership Award (1 of 17 for all Kappa Delta Collegians nationally), Elizabeth Banta Mueller Scholarship from the Kappa Delta Foundation

About me:  My favorite Honors College professor was Dr. Sciolino for English 102. She took a traditional english class and made it so much fun. Her style of teaching was so interactive, and I learned the most because she let us select our paper topics and what we wanted to focus on.

I wanted to recruit for and give back to the Honors College for my wonderful years at USM. If it wasn't for Honors and my Presidential Scholarship, I wouldn't be here!

After USM, I plan to attend a graduate school and eventually receive my doctorate in Psychology and practice as a clinical psychologist or work in testing for research in child psychology.

My advice to prospective students: Branch out! Get involved! Your years at USM are what you make it, and you will not regret doing new things and meeting incredible people you would have otherwise not known.