Salma Dawoud

Major: Chemistry (Biochemistry)

Class: Senior

Hometown: Hattiesburg, MS

About me: The Honors College has made my college experience more personalized and accessible. The HOCO staff are truly invested in our success academically and personally. They encourage students to dream big, and that's exactly the motivation that many students such as myself need. Through my experience in HOCO classes, I have met many professors who have inspired and motivated me in my career goals.

My favorite professor by far has been Dr. Masterson, who teaches Honor's Organic Chemistry I and II. When I first entered his class, organic chemistry seemed like an impossibly hard task. After his class, I feel more confident in my abilities as a student and realized that though hard, any task is manageable. I also took the Honor's Religion class with Dr. Capper. Compartitive Religion opened my eyes to the diversity of world religions and their impacts on our lives. It was an active learning class and we took a fantastic field trip to San Francisco to see one of the most religiously diverse cities in America.

My plans after Southern are to attend medical school (hopefully) and become a doctor.