Taylor Herring

Major: English

Class: Sophomore

Hometown: Hattiesburg, MS

Activities and Honors: Presidential Scholar, Lambda Sigma Honor Society, Eagle Connection, Delta Delta Delta Sorority

About me: The best thing about the Honors College? The people. Not only do we have top-knotch students, but our professors are unprecedented and our faculty is beyond devoted. All of the HoCo faculty is hand-picked, and it shows. They have pushed me to become as academically competitive as possible; for this I'm overly grateful. Aside from the obvious academic boost, Honors College has also pushed me socially. I've become really close to a lot of students whom I never would have met otherwise, which is a huge reason I decided to become an ambassador.

My advice for incoming students is simple: don't be afraid to ask your professors questions! Not only are they totally willing to help you out, but this also shows them that you care about the class. You'll quickly find that Honors College isn't just another facet of our university; it's a community of tight-knit students unlike any other.