Thesis Adviser

Thesis Adviser


Honors Keystone, the research division of the Honors College, has substantially expanded in the last decade. Our dedicated Southern Miss faculty advisers have played a major role in this growth.

Becoming an HC Thesis Adviser is often rewarding for not only the student, but the professor as well. We welcome this partnership, and hope you enjoy the experience. Important information you need to successfully mentor an Honors student is available below and on the Keystone To-Do List. Please contact the College with any questions.


Keystone Course and Requirement Details

Thesis Adviser Submissions   Deadline per Term of Enrollment
HON 300FormatFromToFallSpringSummer
Adviser AgreementFormAdviserHCDecember 15May 15 
HON 301FormatFromToFallSpringSummer
Final ProspectusFormAdviser301 ProfDecember 1May 1July 15
--- 492HFormatFromToFallSpringSummer
Progress ReportFormAdviser HC November 1April 1July 1
Final --- 492HFormatFromToFallSpringSummer
Thesis DraftFormAdviser HC November 1April 1July 1
Final Thesis/ApprovalFormAdviserHC/ChairNovember 15April 15July 15

Useful Links

Guide for Writing the ProspectusGuide for Writing the Senior Thesis 
Institutional Review Board (IRB)  Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) 
Eagle Scholars Program (SPUR) Undergraduate Symposium (UGS)
Keystone Curriculum and RequirementsImportant Information for Advisers and Chairs
Dr. Miller's Thesis Advising WorkshopLipson's Advice for New Faculty Advisers
 Honors Reviewers' CommentsRecent Top Proposals and Thesis Award Winners 

Holiday/weekend deadlines are due the following business day. Students are responsible for ALL deadlines.

Visit the Keystone To-Do List for more information.