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Department of Housing and Residence Life



  • What steps is Housing and Residence Life taking to maintain a safe and heathy community within the residence halls?
    • Our campus community’s safety remains our top priority and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, and the MS Department of Health have been taken into account in creating and changing the way we house our students. We are implementing prevention methods, like requiring the wearing of face coverings on campus and in the residence halls, physical distancing, online programming within the halls, and other creative online community building activities. We will educate the residential community about the importance of self-monitoring their health and what steps to take if symptoms arise.
    •  Our staff has increased the cleaning frequency of community restrooms and high touch point areas such as elevator buttons, water fountains, and door handles. We have reduced the occupancy in residence halls and have selected self-isolation rooms for residents who may test positive for COVID-19.  A limited number of residents will be allowed in lounges and common areas within the residence halls. 
  • Where can I find up to date information on the University’s response to COVID-19?
  • Will lounges, study rooms and other common areas still be accessible in the fall?
    • Currently, common areas will remain open for students in the residence halls. The Department of Housing and Residence Life will have health and safety procedure signs posted outside of all common areas. Students are expected to practice social distancing and follow all guidelines posted. Lounges, study rooms and other common areas may be subject to closure at any point during the semester.
  • Will students living in the residence halls have to wear a face covering?
    • Yes. Students will be expected to wear a face covering when traveling anywhere on campus, to and from classes and within the residence halls.
  • What if a student living in the residence halls does not feel well and is experiencing symptoms?
    •  Individuals with concerning symptoms or who have had potential close contact COVID-19 exposure, are encouraged to contact the Moffitt Health Center or their primary care provider to discuss their symptoms and schedule an appointment for testing.
    •  While an individual is waiting for test results, one MUST remain in their residence hall room, in self-isolation.
  • Will there be designated areas to temporarily isolate students who live on campus if needed?
    • Yes. Upon notification of a positive case within a residence hall, the individual(s) who test positive for COVID-19 will be temporarily relocated to a separate designated room for the 14-day self-isolation period. They should follow the case management program as instructed by the Moffitt Health Center or their primary care provider.
  • If I do not want to follow the new health and safety guidelines, may I cancel my housing application after I receive my assignment?
    • Yes, you may cancel your housing application by filling out and submitting a Cancellation Form on the department's website. 
  • Will students assigned to double occupancy rooms still have a roommate?
    • Yes, with the exception of students assigned to Wilber Hall. Students who have been placed in a double occupancy room with a roommate in all other residence halls will have a roommate. In an effort to reduce density of the traffic flow in the Wilber Hall community style bathrooms, all rooms in this hall will be single occupancy only.
  • Will students living on campus be expected to clean their own bathrooms?
    • Yes, unless you live in a residence hall with a community style bathroom. Students with private bathrooms or suite style bathrooms will be responsible for cleaning. You will need to coordinate with your roommate and/or suitemates to ensure that your bathroom and common area remains clean and sanitary. Community and public bathrooms throughout the residence halls will be cleaned and sanitized by custodial staff.
  • Will the University provide students with cleaning/sanitizing supplies for the residence halls?
    • No. We strongly encourage you to bring your own supplies for cleaning and sanitizing. 
  • Can I still bring all of the personal belongings that I was planning on bringing into the residence hall?
    • While we do not intend to set limits on the size or number of items you bring, we strongly encourage you to be conservative in choosing what to bring with you. You will be expected to leave restricted items at home. Our What to Bring/What Not to Bring handout is a great reference for you!

What are my responsibilities as a student living on campus?

  • Wash your hands with soap and water
  • Keep your room/suite clean
  • Practice "physical distancing" from others and avoid sick individuals
  • Wear face covering when traveling on campus and within the residence halls
  • Remember that this is an unusual time and you and/or others may feel anxious about what is going on. Be kind to each other and remember we are all in this together.

Where can I get help if I am concerned or anxious about COVID-19?

  • Student Counseling services offers some helpful tips for dealing with the disruption that COVID-19 brought to our lives. They also offer individual counseling to help students take care of themselves. 



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