Wilber Hall







Fast Facts:

  • Location - Freshman Quad (6173 US Highway 49)
  • Freshman Females (general)
  • Freshman Males (general)
  • Upper-class Males (general)
    *400 bed spaces
  • Room Type - Traditional style double, Community bath on each floor
  • Laundry Facilities located behind the building.

Each room in Wilber Hall contains:

  • Two single beds
  • Two desks
  • Two desk chairs
  • Two closets
  • Mini blinds
  • Microfridge

*Window size in all rooms: 52 1/2W X 72L



Fast Facts:

  • Two currently available - one for females, one for males (6 to a studio)
  • Room Type - 800 square feet studio with community bath just down the hall

Each Studio Room contains:

  • Three sets of bunk beds
  • Chest, wardrobe/armoire, desk and desk chair for each studio resident
  • One wall-mounted, flat panel TV
  • One couch
  • Two easy chairs