Human Rights Minor

In the minor, students receive interdisciplinary instruction in domestic and international issues relating to human rights and civil liberties through classroom courses. Students can gain valuable practical experience in the human rights/civil liberties through a supervised internship.

Requirements for the Human Rights Minor have not changed.  

The minor in human rights requires 18 hours. All students must complete PS 459 - Human Rights. Of the remaining 15 hours, no more than six can be taken from any one discipline. Students are strongly encouraged to complete a three-hour internship as part of this minor.

The Course list has been updated to reflect courses regularly offered.    

The following courses are approved for credit toward the human rights minor:

ANT 317 – Peoples and Cultures of Mesoamerica

ANT 416 – Ethnographic Field Methods

CMS 425 – Communication and Conflict Resolution

CMS 460 – Public Advocacy and Advanced Argumentation

CJ 430 Criminal Procedure

CJ 482 – Criminal Justice Ethics

ECO 336 – Survey of International Economics

ECO 440 – Economic Development

ENG 312 – Post-Colonial Literature

ENG 372 – African American Literature

ENG 473 – Studies in African American Literature

GHY 331 – Cultural Systems in the Environment

GHY 341 – Geography and World Political Affairs

HIS 374 – African America Survey, 1890 – Present

HIS 402 – Imperialism, Nationalism, and Decolonization

HIS 414 – Social Revolution and Violence in Modern Latin America

HIS 420 – The History of Women and War

HIS 453 – Eastern Europe in the 20th Century

HIS 456 – Nazi Germany

HIS 474 – History of American Indians

HIS 478 – Studies in Civil Rights

MCJ 355 – Minorities and Women in Media

MCJ 448 – Seminar in Radio-TV

MCJ 462 – Media Criticism  

PHI 300 – Business Ethics

PHI 451 – Philosophy of Politics

PHI 457 – Environment Ethics

PS 303 – American Political Movement

PS 306 -- Race and Ethnic Politics

PS 453 – Politics and Protest

PS 454 – African Politics and Culture

PS 455 – Women and Human Rights

PS 456 – Latin American Government and Politics

PS 459 – Human Rights

PS 488 – Women and the Law

PS 489 – Civil Rights and Liberties

REL 445 – Modern Islamic Thought

REL 460 – Global Religious Ethics

SOC 240 – Social Problems

SOC 301 – Wealth, Status, and Power

SOC 350 – Race and Ethnicity

SOC 355 – Collective Behavior and Social Movements

SOC 415 – Sociology of Gender

SWK 300 – Social Welfare and Social Problems

SWK 315 – Human Diversity in a Changing World

WGS 301 – Introduction to Women’s Studies

WGS 410 – Women in American Society

WGS 420 – Women and Politics

Human Rights Internships: PS 492 (Special Problems). Approved by Board of Directors Feb. 3, 2006 with these requirements: (1) a student may apply only three hours of PS 492 toward the minor without approval from the College; (2) applying any 492 credits from a department other than political science requires approval of the Advisor of the Human Rights Minor.

**WS 410 and WS 420 are cross listed courses in History and Political Science;


Dr. John Meyer, Professor of Communications Studies, is the advisor for the Human Rights Minor. Please contact him with any questions at

The official listing will appear in the next USM Bulletin.