Mission Statement

  • The Center for Human Rights and Civil Liberties at the University of Southern Mississippi is founded to advance the principle of "liberty and justice for all," both here and abroad. The Center is committed to excellence in education and in preparing its students to translate classroom knowledge into action in a variety of careers in the public and private sectors. The Center's faculty is devoted to providing an academic home for an interdisciplinary minor in human rights and civil liberties.


  • Additionally, the Center promotes, encourages, and facilitates student and faculty research on domestic and international questions related to human rights and civil liberties. The Center serves the university and the broader communities by fostering collaboration with community partners on projects that address problems of social justice and public policy.


  • The Center also provides a forum in which to bring together disparate constituencies to engage in a dialog to advance social justice and democratic values. By building a reputation for effective teaching, productive scholarship, and wide-ranging service to a variety of constituents, the Center aspires to gain recognition as one of the most innovative programs, combining academic and community learning, in the southeastern United States.