Mission Statement

We, the students of the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, Fourah Bay College University of Sierra Leone, and as survivors of a devastating civil war, appreciate the effort and concern manifested by students and other human rights organizations throughout the world in our quest for peace and stability in Sierra Leone. We agreed to call our program "Project 1991" because that was the year the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) unleashed terror on the peaceful people of our country. So many human rights violations occurred during that time.

Project 1991 is a campus based Human Rights organization which provides knowledge and understanding about Human Rights and Human Rights values in teachings or training of students, youth groups and children to enhance human dignity, equal rights and responsibilities to promote sustainable peace in Sierra Leone.

Our motto is "We say never and never again." And we want to know the stories of other youth, students in other parts of the world who have an interest in survival and progress - and the stories of those who have been through similarly challenging circumstances.