Fanta Kalloy

  • My Educational Goal:

A diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies.

  • My Career Goal:

I want to become a human rights activist.

  • Personal Experience of War:

During the war in Sierra Leone I experienced flagrant human rights violations of war crimes, coupled with serious crimes against humanity. Human rights violations such as beatings, dropping of melted plastic or rubber into people's eyes and raping of young girls were an everyday reality during the war here. A woman next door, a neighbor to my mother, was a victim of the melted plastic in her two eyes. Also, in Bonthe district, I saw a man who was tied up under the sun until he died.

One early morning when I was going to school the rebels attacked my hometown called Kamakwie. They were shouting everywhere that there is going to be an operation "no living thing" meaning they were going to kill every living thing on earth. The next morning they attacked our house searching for all young girls to come out. And that sad day was the first day. They "disvirginated" my sister. I hid under my grandmother's bed and they did not see me. That same day another girl down the road was crying and asking for help after she had been raped. Since the rebels referred to that day as "operation no living thing" many people were killed. Some were ordered to dance while their women and relatives were being raped.

Furthermore, after a hard struggle due to the war in my hometown we ran to the second largest city, called Bo. There I thought that, since we are now in a big town, things would be better, not realizing that the whole thing would spark off again. Dead bodies were all over in the streets of Bo. Dogs and vultures were feeding on the dead bodies.

Also several houses were set on fire and people were inside while the houses were burning. The rebels all over the country committed atrocities, such as killing journalists, lawyers, civil society activists, political sympathizers and so on. When the war reached our doorstep we went to a nearby village. At the checkpoint of that village I saw a woman lying dead and her genitals had been removed. At that moment I made a decision that I would kill myself before they killed me. But, with the help of God I survived.

Again, during the decade old civil war in Sierra Leone, I experienced that children were badly misused. Some were used as child soldiers, some as load carriers and others as sex slaves.

In conclusion, irrespective of the above atrocities committed during the war, it is crystal clear that the international community deserves special praise for coming to the aid of Sierra Leonean, ensuring that the war was finally brought to an end in 2002.

  • My Experience in Peace:

The word peace is a fluid and ambiguous concept that is surrounded by a lot of heated debates in both national and international arenas. However, peace is also a word that is uttered frequently like "truth," "beauty" and "love". It may be just as elusive to define as these other virtues.

With regard to the above it is of great importance to note that peace can be described in two opposite ways that is "negative and positive peace". With that, negative peace refers to a situation where there is the absence of direct violence including war and it was the original target of peace researchers. On the other hand positive peace indicates an environment where people strive to transform their societies and communities into fairer and more just places.

However, the world today is working towards positive peace, which is not easy to attain completely. But, however, it has done a great thing for me like for example I am presently today at the university because during the war school and universities were closed and it is only with the help of peace that it has been opened again. Peace as we all know plays a great impact in human development. In our home, for example, when there is peace within the household all the family members will work together happily and share things in common.

Moreover, in my country, peace builders played a great role after the war. First of all we have a peaceful democratic leader who is working towards development in the country. With regards to that, there is good road construction in many districts, and also electricity facilities, water supply and so on with the help of some international donors. There are several attempts, which I experience in order to articulate peace and peace making such as Freedom, human rights and justice.

With regards to the above, it is of great importance to note that, in any country worldwide peace is the right answer for any sustainable development. In peace, also I experience security because; during the war there was no security guarantee. My country is now at rest because after the war there were fair and free elections. The voice of the majority is now active, the less privileged are considered in society.

Finally, I experience no more violence like during the war. The violence rate is now minimized to everybody's