Idrissa Abdul-Rahman Bangura

  • My Educational Goal:

I want to have a degree, a masters, and PHD from the faculty of social Sciences and Law which contains peace studies.

  • My Career Goal:

This is to get me equipped and prepared for my career, which is to become a human rights and humanitarian activist to contribute to the development and stability of not only my country but also Africa at large.

  • Personal Experience of War:

I was born in 1986 and grew up in Kenema, Eastern part of Sierra Leone where I did my basic education. Both my parents are from the North. They left their hometown for Kenema to continue their business as traders. Diligent as they were in their trade, they were able to set up a permanent home for themselves. That is how Kenema came to be called the hometown of me and my brothers and sisters as we were all born there. In order to further my education I am presently staying with my uncle here in Freetown, in which the University Fourah Bay College, where I study peace studies, is located.

I was in Kenema when the war began. Although I was a little boy I can still recall what my sad experience was. The houses and properties of most of my relatives were burnt and destroyed. This consequently brought them to a deplorable condition because they had to struggle massively to replace what had been looted and destroyed. My father's brother (uncle) had to work in swamps for many hours to sustain his family. A member of my family was killed. My uncle who was a trader was accused of being a rebel so he was killed by the Kamajors (Civil Defense Force).

We were displaced repeatedly moving to different places where we have never been before. To get food and shelter in some of these places was difficult so we had to starve and sleep in the open.

My parents are Temne by tribe but they reside in a town where the dominant language is Mende, a tribe that saw the Temne as enemies during the war. So we found it difficult to live as we were discriminated against, harassed and given false accusation by the Civil Defense Force (Kamajors) who were all Mende.

  • My Experience in Peace:

My experience in peace is outstanding. With it, I have gone through certain stages in education. I can now be proud of having certificates from primary and secondary school and they have made me qualify to study in university to become a great person in the future. They would never have been possible if the war had continued.

Peace has made it possible for most of my relatives to get employment, which they lost during the war. I personally have gained consciousness and awareness about the political and economic situation in my country. This has been due to the peaceful operation of television and radio stations, newspapers and magazines. During the war I was stuck there in Kenema but I am now proud that I have traveled to many towns in the country.

Finally my parents could never have paid my college fees had the war continued. I am in college to study peace because of the good it does to a nation