Kabba Lavallie

  • My Educational Goal:

Double Masters and PHD.

  • My Career Goal:

Human Rights lawyer. I want to help people whose human rights have been violated.

  • Personal Experience of War:

It is really a concerted effort-putting pen to paper about my experience in the civil war. It is a painful moment but I will try. I was living in Freetown when the RUF and AFRC invaded Freetown on January 6th 1999.

The RUF fighters were not dressed in full combat and they were carrying arms so there was no central command. They were having some boys who they recruited and joined them to their system and some of these boys were just about 12-14 years old. On the 8th of Jan at about 9:30 am one RUF child combatant by the name of "sharpshooter" gave a command to my uncle to catch a fowl. My uncle ran after the foul but he was unable to catch it. Because of this the child combatant shot my uncle and he died on the spot. Furthermore my younger sister who was just four years old had her hand chopped off by a RUF fighter who was called "Isatu Cut Hand". The saddest part of it all is that when my younger sister was about 6 years old she asked me whether the hand that they cut off would grow again. I could not stand the question and I burst into tears.

Later my younger sister got ill when she was about nine with malaria. She was taken to Kenema to our uncle for treatment. But after the treatment she could not withstand the illness and she died of malaria in 2003.

  • My Experience in Peace:

I was longing to see peace reign in Sierra Leone and thank God Almighty I witnessed it. I can now go to bed without fear and I live under a legal system which is a democratic government. I shall contribute in my own little way in making my country a peaceful country. Thank God there is peace in Sierra Leone today!