Mamud Keita

  • My Educational Goal:

I am a first year degree student in the department of Peace and Conflict Studies at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. I would like to pursue my educational level up to PHD.

  • My Career Goal:

I would like to work with NGO's or for the United Nations in peace building. I choose to work with these organizations because in terms of humanitarian help they can be the first to be considered. To be a human rights activist is all I have been thinking about since my childhood days. And I will find myself more comfortable in carrying out these job activities than any other job.

  • Personal Experience of War:

Unfortunately for me I experienced a bitter civil war in my country during my childhood days and made me to conclude to become a human rights activist in the future.

War is not good in any way. It hinders the progress of all nations. It gives a bad experience to the younger ones.

It causes many families to suffer from poverty and human under-development. War causes loss of lives and properties and increases the chances of heavy crime rate in any nation that experiences war during and after it.

Because of the devastation caused by war in my country it has made many families to be unable to be responsible for their children and this has caused the rate of child pregnancy to be increasing, and even prostitution, to an alarming rate. All these experiences and observations I gained during and after the civil war in my country.

  • My Experience in Peace:

Peace in the first place is a relative. It depends on the situation, and conditions you find yourself in, in defining it. The experience I have in peace in my country is great.

Wherever peace exists there is love and harmony among the people. Peace brings a lot of development in any nation. A country can be properly governed and any wrong doer can be brought to justice during peace.

Everyone can move freely without fear of persecution or threats from anyone. In a peaceful environment you can easily spot the talented ones and help in developing them.