Salamatu Jalloh

  • My Educational Goal:

I want to acquire a PHD in International Law.

  • My Career Goal:

I want to be an international lawyer. I choose this career mainly to help resolve conflicts as well as bringing justice to the people.

  • Personal Experience of War:

In 1992 the rebels launched an attack on the Kono District in Sierra Leone. It was their second attack. At that time I was with my aunt as her surrogate daughter. I was 4 years old then.

One afternoon I heard numerous gunshots and with the sounds of bombs which sounded like thunder. It was in September when the rain is saying "bye" to the rainy season.

Since I was not treated well by my aunt, small as I was, I decided to hide and run away from her as well as the rebels. I later succeeded in hiding and joining the people in the street who I thought were heading for a safer place.

I walked along with the crowd until night fell. When I came to a junction which looked like an "X" I was disappointed when I saw every woman leave with their children and I was left out wondering where to go.

All of a sudden a woman came close to me took me to a house where she was staying just for that night. She washed me and gave me food.

In the morning the journey started until we reach the destination where I saw my aunt who took me away from the hand of the woman who had picked me up.

  • My Experience in Peace:

In 2000, when we finally got peace I came to learn that peace is better than war. Things started to go on well without any panic or gunshots and bombs, which I was afraid of. I was also enjoying going to school without any fear of attack, which had been frequent during the 10 years of war.

Moreover I was able to see my parents and lovely sisters and cousins whom I was longing for so much.

Also with the help of attaining peace I had the opportunity to travel to different places within my country.

Community Service Project which included 10 hours of teaching at the Government Rokel Senior Sec. School. She spoke to a class of 60 pupils on basic human rights, child labor and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

Excerpts from her report...

"I came to understand that all that I have went through is important because it took the shyness away from me and the teaching was also a symbiotic one in which the students depend on me and I also depend on them too. I also learnt that some of have knowledge on most of the topics I taught them about. It gives my confidence that I have learnt something about human rights and how to help reduce the abuses of human rights."