Victor Tamba Musa

  • My Educational Goal:

In the first place my educational goal on this mountain where Fourah Bay College is located is to get a good and quality education. I want an education that will prepare me for the future when I get out of college and have a job that will fit my education. I also want to have an education that will enable me to teach others and be able to disseminate whatever information or knowledge, anywhere and to anybody.

  • My Career Goal:

Notwithstanding my career goal is also something, which I have always kept in mind even before I got admitted to college. Right from Secondary School I had always maintained that some day I would be working with the United Nations as a peace builder, as we often hear of wars, some civil and some between states. I know, with the kind of education I am pursuing, I will some day be a peace broker.

Nevertheless there are some genuine reasons that I hold onto that really make me have a passion for my intended career. Firstly we can see that there are a lot of horrors, suffering, victimization and a host of other dangers that can happen in wartime. Most often we civilians are vulnerable to those things during war. So as a peace builder, I will not only help to stop the war but I will also in a way try to alleviate or mitigate the sufferings of most, especially civilians and also to a larger extent, the warring factions. Secondly, as a peace builder I know my service to my country is also important. I will be in a better position to help address any riot that arises in my country.

  • Personal Experience of War:

Finally, as I am from a country that had eleven years of civil war from 1991-2002, therefore I will relate the experiences I had during that period in war. There were a lot of horror and crimes committed in that war. Personally my family was in Kenema, the third largest city of Sierra Leone. We suffered things like hunger because there was no food and even water was a problem. In my presence, I saw members of the Civil Defense Force (CDF) who were by then called Kamajors, kill and slaughter two rebels. Generally we saw a lot of people who were mutilated. People, especially in the north, were cut and many others killed. That was sometime in March 1995. After the rebel attack on Kenema my family and I did not feel safe. We decided to leave and walked on foot for a month from Kenema, through Liberia to Guinea, to one of the refugee camps called Dokoma Camp.

  • My Experience in Peace:

In a peaceful situation, like the one we are now enjoying there is no more illegal and violent killing. Everybody is now free to do what he/she wants without another interfering. We also see that there is now justice for the people. But the irony of the whole thing is that, even though we have peace people are not happy in this country. The reason being that the government is not actually providing the basic needs of the people and a host of other things. To end it all, I can call this one we have now a superficial peace and not total peace.