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School of Humanities

Addressing Style Issues

Sample Lesson Plans

Designed by: Kelly Smith 

1. The objective of this lesson is to get students actively involved with proper English grammar through a hands-on activity.

Designed by: Lauren Oetinger 

The goal of this class session is to show students the importance of transitions in their writing. A secondary goal is to give students the tools to more fully grasp the structure of an effective essay. These objectives connect to the overall course goals for both 101 and 102. In trying to make students better writers, one of their most difficult tasks is often to move from subject to subject coherently. This is a pragmatic skill that students need practice with. In demystifying the ‘flow’ of a paper, students may be able to organize their thoughts more cohesively and logically. 

Designed by: Andrea Spofford 

Provides hands-on experience using proper MLA Works Cited pages and in-text citations.

Designed by: Dr. Jameela Lares 

Avoid conventional errors (i.e., those condemned by good writers in general).

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