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School of Humanities 

Advisement Resources

Contact Information Form

Course Reassignment Worksheet

Grade Entry

Grade Change

Humanities letterhead (digital)

Special Problems Form (independent study)

TurnitIn (for English faculty) (contact the school administrative staff for the log in information) 

Registrar's office forms*

*Registrar office forms include: Probation and Suspension clearance, Application for degree with Latin Honors, Change of Major, Withdrawal forms, and others. 

 Printing policy

School of Humanities faculty may send in print requests for course materials to be printed by the office staff. The submission form is below. Please allow 24 hours for the print request to be completed. The copies will be placed in your mailbox. If you want larger bodies of texts for your courses, please request a PDF to send to your class. The copy request for scanned copies can be found in the Humanities main office (LAB 347) copy room. 

A change to the printing policies this year comes from an attempt to incorporate various disciplines' traditional processes for making copies. Faculty members will no longer have copy codes or limits. If you want to make your own copies, the copier in the Humanities sub office down the hall (LAB 305) is at your disposal. No code necessary.

Print Request form *for printing course related materials


Event and room request form

*Submission form for events, graduate exams, proctoring, and meetings.

Proctoring exams procedure

If you need an exam proctored, we now have a space devoted to proctored exams. The issue with space is lessened as a result. Exam proctoring is a request that we will do our best to honor, but please be considerate of the office staff and give us acceptable notice when you need an exam proctored. Submit the room request to the form above, make sure the office staff has all materials the student will need prior to the exam start time, and provide detailed instructions for the student. 


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