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School of Humanities

Revising Effectively

Sample Lesson Plans


Designed by:  Laura Hakala

This lesson helps students to see that a good paragraph is like a mini-essay. Additionally, it will help them to strengthen their organization and the development of their argument. 


Designed by:  Laura Hakala

To help students see their papers in a new perspective and visually understand how to revise papers for structure and organization.  


Designed by:  Lauren Oetinger

This activity can be used in conjunction with the class’s first long paper, or with the portion of the semester set aside for portfolio workshopping. Today’s primary goal is to get students thinking globally about revision in a low-stakes way.


Designed by:  Fred Clarke

On the one hand, a student defending his own argument must think critically in order to respond to counterarguments, ultimately clarifying specific points and addressing holes in his evidence. On the other hand, the student assigned the role of Devil’s Advocate must think critically about the text in front of him and challenge assertions by presenting possible counterarguments, identifying any lack of evidence, and presenting other possible solutions.


Designed by:  Dr. Jameela Lares

In groups, redraft one of these paragraphs to be as streamlined as possible.  



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