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School of Humanities

Religion Concentration

Dr. Amy Slagle








Students who have a particular interest in studying religion may use elective requirements within the philosophy B.A. to develop a concentration in the field of religion. The concentration can include courses under the PHI prefix that focus on religion, such as PHI 372: Philosophy of Religion and PHI 407: Critique of Christendom. It can also include courses with an REL prefix. Religion courses that are offered on a regular basis include:

REL 304 Survey of Islamic History

REL 320:Tibetan Religions

REL 322: Native American Religions

REL 324: Religion and Animals

REL 326: Religions of India

REL 327: The Rise of Christianity and the Roman Empire

REL 334: New Testament

REL 335: The Life of Jesus

REL 336: The Christian Tradition

REL 337: Eastern Orthodox Christianity

REL 340: Beyond the Grave: Religion and the Afterlife

REL 424: Religion and Healing

REL 425 Medieval Christianity

REL 427: Reformation Europe

REL 432: Mysticism

REL 459: History of Religion in America

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