Student ID Card

The ID card is a PERMANENT card for each student.  The fall semester ID card will also be used for spring and summer semesters each year.  The same card must be kept and used even when returning from a previous semester.  Do not destroy, bend or tamper with an ID card. You must have a government issued form of photo identification (passport, driver's license, other college/university ID, military ID) when requesting a student ID.

Lost/stolen cards are $25

  • If you have your old card to turn in for a replacement, the cost is $10
  • All newly admitted students will be charged $11 for their ID cards. Payments can be made using cash, or credit/debit card. For students who attend undergraduate orientation, their ID will be charged to their account at the start of their first semester.   

Online Students only

  • Online students may receive a student ID. The cost for new online student ID's is $11. 

Please call our office for further instructions on receiving your ID. 

Payment for the ID can be made over the phone (601)266-4149 using a credit or debit card number.