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Office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement


The Office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement is comprised of 3 components:
1. Civic & Community Engagement
2. The PRISM LGBTQIA+ Resource Office
3. Multicultural Student Initiatives 
This office’s aim is to aid our historically underserved students as they transition throughout their university career by providing opportunities to get involved in the campus community thus shaping their college experience, encourage them to accept differences of others, and put them in spaces where they can grow! Each aspect adds a different layer of influence to the experience for historically underserved students on campus.  

Student Organizations Housed Under IME

The I.M.E Pro Team
Director Assistant Director of Engagement Assistant Director of Programming Coordinator of PRISM & Programming Coordinator of Events & Volunteerism
Jaborius%20Ball (Him/His) Nneka%20Ayozie (She/Hers) Tegi%20Jenkins-Rimmer (She/Hers) Wes%20Shaffer (They/Them) Christina%20Bracey (She/Hers)
jball nneka tegi wes christina

Phone: 601.266.6037

Phone: 601.266.5725


Phone: 601.266.5721


Phone: 601.266.5804


Phone: 601.266.5081


The GA 2021-2022 Team
Graduate Assistant Graduate Assistant Graduate Assistant
Michaela%20Andrews (She/Hers) Carly%20Badeaux (She/Hers) Roshanna%20Stallings (She/Hers)

carly roshanna
Marketing Community Connections Multicultural Student Initiatives