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Office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

Multicultural Student Initiatives

I.M.E's Multicultural Student Initiatives (MSI) aims to foster a community of equitable access and success for marginalized students. Student access, success and equity are at the forefront of MSI programming. Each year the office hosts several programs that promote diversity and inclusion. We seek to provide opportunities to promote cultural competency & multicultural awareness through intentional programming, activities, and events.


Finding Community

The Kennard Scholars Program

The Kennard Scholars Program

This program aims to aid eligible students to become and remain successful scholars & graduates of the University of Southern Mississippi. Find out more about becoming a scholar!


Signature Events


Celebration of Scholastic Excellence (COSE) 


This program is done in partnership with the Afro-American Student Organization.  This program recognizes the accomplishments of our African American students and student leaders. We pay tribute to historical trailblazers who have paved the way for historically underserved students past and present. 

Men's Summit

MOX Summit Fall 2021

MOX Mens Summit, Fall '21

This day long, conference is done in partnership with the Men of Excellence. This event targets men of all backgrounds to come together for a common cause, Brotherhood. This interactive summit includes interactive programming in a manner that is relatable to students and supports the retention efforts of the university.                                                                                                    



Kente Graduation Ceremony 

Kente Ceremony, Fall '21

The University of Southern Mississippi Kente Celebration is an event which recognizes, acknowledges, appreciate, and celebrates the educational achievements of our students within the African Diaspora. We aim to celebrate academic excellence of our graduates, while affirming their identities and cultures. 

Our purpose is to share and celebrate their heritage, individual accomplishments, and accomplishments of the entire graduating class as they transition into the professional world. Students receive a hand-woven Kente stole from Ghana, Africa. The Kente stole cloth dates to 12th century Africa, Ghana, and the Ashanti people. The cloth, traditionally worn by Kings, Queens, and influential figures in Ghana’s society during ceremonial occasions. The Kente Ceremony is open to ALL graduating Black and African American seniors and graduate students graduating in the Fall/Spring semester. Our goal is to empower our students to be their authentic selves and encourage them to pursue their dreams as they receive recognition walking across the stage.