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All Gender/Gender Neutral Restroom Locations in the Union 

The Hub 109B
Thad Cochran Center 221
Thad Cochran Center 222

Areas of Expertise

The PRISM LGBTQIA+ Resource Center serves as a hub for LGBTQIA+ initiatives on campus. Our office provides students with a safe space for faculty, staff, appointed professionals, students, alumni, parents, and guests of all gender identities/expression and sexual orientations. We provide and support our campus community with educational resources, training opportunities, and sensitivity & awareness programs to accommodate the intersecting identities within our Southern Miss community.

Events & Programming

Second Chance Prom National Coming Out Day Spill the Tea PRIDE Day at Spirit Park
This event gives students in the LGBTQIA+ community the opportunity to attend prom without restrictions. This formal event mimics high school prom in that it includes a “pride walk”, dinner, formal attire, a DJ and photobooth. This event caters to the LGBTQIA+ population and allies. Students are not limited in gender expression nor are they limited in date choice. Students who are in attendance feel welcomed. National Coming out Day is held nationally on October 11th. The Office of IME celebrates students, faculty, and staff on their courage to be their authentic selves. This Celebration varies and serves as an outlet for students to connect and gain peer and institution support.  Let’s talk is a series of dialogues that allows our office to address diverse topics around LGBTQIA+ issues/awareness, identity, mental health, leadership, advocacy, and networking. We discuss topics related to historically underserved populations as it relates to campus community. (LGBTQIA+ issues/awareness (Trans 101), Mental Health in the AA community, Leadership, importance of advocacy/networking). A fun, social evening of all things PRIDE. Can encompass, Drag shows, games, parade, food. We want to provide an on-campus “Pride” experience for students to attend and broadcast their talent. 

Southern Miss ALLIES

Areas of Expertise

We live in a world where identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or questioning is often responded to with negativity. Because of this, safe spaces are needed to seek support and understanding.  The Southern Miss ALLIES is a network of faculty, staff and students willing to be visibly supportive and affirming of Southern Miss students who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. ALLIES seek to foster a campus climate in which community members, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression may feel safe, supported and respected.  There are currently over 250 Southern Miss ALLIES on campus.



Hello, My Pronouns Are.....


She/ Her  
She/ They  
He/ Him  
He/ They  
Please Ask! 


USM Sexuality And Gender Equity (S.A.G.E)  – Hattiesburg campus

Alliance for Equality – Gulf Park campus