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Institutional Effectiveness

Welcome to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) facilitates ongoing, integrated, institution-wide planning and evaluation processes. The staff of IE strives to be the University’s source for assessment information, providing training and oversight of programs’ assessment activities through annual assessment and periodic program reviews. IE is also developing processes to analyze data with regards to the University’s overall operations, providing information to lead departments across campus to make improvements. Institutional Effectiveness is dedicated to providing current, accurate, research-based guidance about assessment, program reviews, and institutional improvements.

• Inform the university community and stakeholders about assessment processes and results.
• Facilitate assessment process for academic departments and administrative units.
• Administer the program review process by assisting through the process departments being reviewed and documenting the results of the reviews for all stakeholders.
• Analyze institution-wide data to provide useful information that will lead to institutional improvements.
• Research current literature on institutional effectiveness to provide up-to-date guidance about assessment and analysis to all departments. Provide resources for the campus to access.
• Assist the University in developing new processes and tools to improve results and achieve institution-wide goals.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness works in conjunction with the NCATE Office and the Director of Quality Enhancement to provide the institution information and processes to improve student learning outcomes and administrative services based on the assessment.


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Institutional Effectiveness
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