Chartered Organizations - Judicial Decision Appeal Procedure

Upon official recognition by The University of Southern Mississippi, there are certain privileges afforded a new student organization and certain obligations the new organization is expected to discharge.  These standards can be viewed here: Privileges, Obligations and Due Process of all Chartered Organizations.

The approval of a student organization at The University of Southern Mississippi is made on the basis that the organization will conform to the privileges and obligations of chartered organizations.  Failure on the part of the organization to conform to the obligations, to conditions of approval, or any breach of student activities or university policy may subject the organization to recall by the Student/Faculty Committee on Student Organizations or the Fraternity/Sorority Committee. Recall may result in the president and advisor of the organization having to appear before the appropriate committee to answer any charges that have been brought against the organization.

In the event that student organizations violate the Student Activities policies, the privileges and obligations of chartered organizations, the code of ethics for student organizations or other university regulations, certain disciplinary procedures will be instituted against the organization initiated by the assistant director for Student Activities or the appropriate administrator.

Any student organization referred to a governing body has the right to due process.  In all judicial decisions, either party shall have, and will be notified of, the right to appeal the decision of the judicial body entering judgment. The Appeal Procedure is found in the Privileges, Obligations and Due Process of all Chartered Organizations document.