Residence Life Housing Contract Appeal

Is the Residence Life Housing Contract Lease Agreement a Contract?

The University of Southern Mississippi considers the Residence Life Housing Contract Lease Agreement to be a legally binding document on the part of the student and the University. 


Is There A Way to Appeal or Buyout A Residence Life Housing Contract?

Yes, the Department of Residence Life offers a buyout or appeal process by which a resident may request to be:

  • released from the academic year housing contract; or
  • be given a reduced buyout.


How Does a Student Request an Appeal or Buyout of Their Residence Life Housing Contract?

The student is instructed to fill out the online appeal request form.


Appeals Process for Residence Life Housing Contracts:

  • Once an appeal petition is submitted, it is first reviewed by the Department of Residence Life.
  • The Appeal is then forwarded to the Residence Life Food Services Appeal Committee.  
  • A hearing is scheduled to review testimony and documentation. 


NOTE: Student housing is only available on the Hattiesburg campus.