Scholarship Cancellation Appeal

Can The Cancellation of Undergraduate Merit-Based Scholarships Awarded by The Office of Admissions Be Appealed?

Yes, the cancellation of merit-based undergraduate scholarships awarded by the Office of Admissions may be appealed.


Under What Circumstances Are Undergraduate Merit-Based Scholarships Reinstated?

These scholarships are not typically reinstated unless:

there is some extraordinary extenuating circumstance influencing the student’s academic performance or necessitating the need for continuation of the scholarship(s).


What Are The Typical Reasons for Cancelling an Undergraduate Merit-Based Scholarship?

Cancellation may be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • academic performance (semester and/or cumulative grade point average)
  • failure to maintain full-time status (enrolled in less than 12 credit hours), and/or
  • withdrawal from the university.


How Are Students Notified of A Cancellation of An Undergraduate Merit-Based Scholarship?

  • Students are notified of scholarship cancellations in a letter sent to them from the Office of Admissions.
  • The letter outlines the appeal process the student is to follow.


Who Reviews Appeals Regarding the Cancellation of Undergraduate Merit-Based Scholarships?

Appeals are reviewed by the Admissions-Based Scholarships Appeals Committee.