Tuition Refund Appeal

Where Can You Find the University's Tuition Refund Schedule?

The University of Southern Mississippi tuition refund schedule is found on each of the following websites:


When Can a Student File An Appeal for A Tuition Refund?

If the student has not followed the posted schedule due to extenuating circumstances, he or she may make an appeal for a tuition refund.


How Does a Student File a Tuition Refund?

All tuition refund appeals are made in writing to the Office of Business Services on the Hattiesburg campus (Undergraduate Bulletin and Graduate Bulletin).

Tuition refund appeals sent to the Gulf Coast Office of Business Services are redirected to the Hattiesburg office.

What is the Appeals Process For a Tuition Refund?

  • After an appeal is submitted, the Tuition Appeals Committee meets monthly to review all submitted appeals.
  • The committee recommends to the Bursar that the student’s appeal be denied or approved and that appropriate refunds, if any, be credited to the student’s account.
  • The decision of this committee regarding the appeal is final.