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Institutional Policies

Current Policies




President (PRES)

Affirmative Action (AA)  
Consensual Relationships (PRES-AA-007) 
Notice of Non-Discrimination (PRES-AA-005) 
Procedure for the Resolution of Discrimination Complaints (PRES-AA-004) 
Sexual Misconduct Policy (PRES-AA-001)   
Procedures for the Resolution of Allegations of Sexual Misconduct (PRES-AA-002) 
General Counsel (GC) 
Code of Ethical Conduct (PRES-GC-003)
Disclosure of Wrongful Conduct (Whistleblower) Policy  (PRES-GC-001)
Minors on Campus (PRES-GC-002)
Sports Wagering Activities Policy (PRES-GC-004)
Institutional Research (IR)  
Policy for the Management of University Policies and Procedures (PRES-IR-001)
Policy Idea FORM A (PRES-IR-001-FORM A)
Policy Template FORM B (PRES-IR-001-FORM B)
University Communications (UC)  
Filming / Photography on Campus (PRES-UC-001)
Film / Photography Shoot Questionnaire (PRES-UC-001-QUESTIONNAIRE)

Academic Affairs (ACAF)   

Provost and VP for Academic Affairs (PRO)  
Academic Integrity Policy (ACAF-PRO-012)
Classroom Conduct Policy
Evaluation of Teaching Policy Statement
Faculty Consulting Policy (ACAF-PRO-011)
Faculty Teaching Load Guidelines
Admissions (ADM) 
Admission Office Suspension Policy (STUA-ADM-004)
Admission/Readmission Procedures (STUA-ADM-002)
Course Placement for Entering Freshmen and Transfer Student Policy (STUA-ADM-008)
Credit By Examination (AP, CLEP, IB) (STUA-ADM-001)
Immunization Records Policy (STUA-ADM-005)
Non-Degree Seeking Students Policy (STUA-ADM-003) 
Non-Disclosure or Misrepresentation of Admission Application Policy (STUA-ADM-009) 
Transfer Credit Policy (STUA-ADM-007) 
Undergraduate Admission and Transfer Credit Appeals Procedure (STUA-ADM-006) 
Financial Aid (FA) 
Additional Satisfactory Academic Policies (SAP) (STUA-FA-002) 
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (STUA-FA-001) 
University Withdrawal and Return of Financial Aid Policies (STUA-FA-003) 
Freshman Year Initiative (FYI)  
Admissions-Based Scholarship Auditing Process Policy (STUA-FYI-001) 
Graduate School (GRS)  
Graduate School Appeal and Grievance Process (ACAF-GRS-001)
Office of Online Learning (OOL)  
Online at Southern Miss (ACAF-OOL-001)
Proctoring Policy (ACAF-LEC-003)
Libraries (LIB)  
Acceptable Behavior (ACAF-LIB-001) 
Children in University Libraries Facilities (ACAF-LIB-003)
Circulation Policy (ACAF-LIB-004)
Computer Use Policy (ACAF-LIB-005)
Copyright Policy (ACAF-LIB-011)
Endorsement of American Library Association Statements (ACAF-LIB-010)
Quiet Zone (ACAF-LIB-006)
Reserves and Fair Use Copyright Guidelines (ACAF-LIB-007)
Reserves Loaning Policy (ACAF-LIB-012)
Services for Individuals With Disabilities (ACAF-LIB-008)
Study Verification (ACAF-LIB-009)
University Records Retention and Disposition Policy (ACAF-LIB-013)
Registrar (REG)
Academic Standards (STUA-REG-003) 
Adding or Dropping a Class (STUA-REG-004) 
Directory Information (STUA-REG-002) 
Enrollment Status (STUA-REG-007) 
Final Exams and Dean's List (STUA-REG-009) 
Registration (STUA-REG-012) 
Southern Miss and FERPA Compliance Policy (STUA-REG-001) 
Undergraduate Academic Grades (STUA-REG-013) 

Finance & Administration (ADMA)   

Budget and Tax Compliance (BUD)  
Budget Policies and Procedures (ADMA-BUD-001)
Courtesy Automobile Policy (ADMA-BUD-002)
Independent Contractors (ADMA-BUD-003)
Independent Contractors Payment (ADMA-BUD-005)
International Independent Contractors Payment (ADMA-BUD-006)
Routing of Personal Services Contracts (ADMA-BUD-004)

Business Services (BUS)

Billing Information (ADMA-BUS-001)
Student Payment Policy (ADMA-BUS_002)
Collection Costs (ADMA-BUS-003)
Deferred Fees and Finance Charges (ADMA-BUS-004)
Minimum Payments and Application of Financial Aid to Fees (ADMA-BUS-005)
Payment Card Security Policy (ADMA-BUS-009)
Refund and Withdrawal Policy (ADMA-BUS-006)
Tuition Appeals (ADMA-BUS-007)

Finance/Controller (FIN)

Agency Fund Policy (ADMA-FIN-007)
Charitable Requests to the University or Foundation (ADMA-FIN-003)
Interdepartmental Invoice Policy (ADMA-FIN-006)
Payments to the University Foundation (ADMA-FIN-005)
iTech (IT)
Acceptable Use Policy (ACAF-IT-010) 
Accessible Technology Policy (ACAF-IT-017) 
Credit and Refund Policy (ACAF-IT-002) 
Email Use Policy (ACAF-IT-001) 
Employee Voice Services(s) (ACAF-IT-007) 
HEOA Compliance Plan (ACAF-IT-016) 
Information Privacy Statement (ACAF-IT-012) 
Information Security Incident Management Policy (ACAF-IT-027)
Listserv Appropriate Use Policy (ACAF-IT-009) 
Long Distance Codes, Blackberry Licenses and Wireless Services (ACAF-IT-003) 
Password Policy (ACAF-IT-015)
Peer-to-Peer Policy (ACAF-IT-011) 
Procurement Policy (ACAF-IT-019) 
Procurement Process (ACAF-IT-020)
Redistribution of University Computer Equipment (ACAF-IT-025) 
Secure Network Infrastructure Policy (ACAF-IT-014) 
Student Email Policy (ACAF-IT-013) 
Technology Purchases (ACAF-IT-024) 
Telephone, Voicemail & Long Distance Services Usage Policy (ACAF-IT-026)
Wireless Networking Policy (ACAF-IT-023)

Parking Management (PM)

Traffic and Parking Regulations (2018-2019) (STUA-PM-001) 
License Plate Recognition Privacy Policy (STUA-PM-005)

Procurement and Contract Services (PUR)

Accounts Payable Policies and Procedures (ADMA-PUR-001)
Barnes & Noble Department Purchase Policy (ADMA-PUR-006)
Conference Cards, Student I.D. Cards Policy (ADMA-PUR-007)
Fleet Management Policies and Procedures (ADMA-PUR-018)
Gift Card and Gift Certificate Purchase Policy (ADMA-PUR-013)
Hospitality Policy - Allowable Entertainment and Miscellaneous Expenditures (ADMA-PUR-002)
Hospitality Policy - Prohibited Entertainment and Miscellaneous Expenditures (ADMA-PUR-003)
Miscellaneous Purchasing Procedures (ADMA-PUR-015)
New Employee Moving Policy (ADMA-PUR-004)
Payments to Individuals - Documentation and Processing (ADMA-PUR-014)
Petty Cash Policy and Procedures (ADMA-PUR-016)
Property Accounting - Policies and Procedures (ADMA-PUR-017)
Purchasing Policy (ADMA-PUR-012)
Travel Policies (ADMA-PUR-005)
University Aircraft Operations (ADMA-PUR-019)
University Catering Policy (ADMA-PUR-008)
University Snack Policy (ADMA-PUR-009)
Vendor Maintenance Procedure (ADMA-PUR-010)

Research (RSCH)   

Research Integrity (VP)  
Animal Subjects Research (RSCH-VP-005)
Financial Conflicts of Interest (RSCH-VP-003)
Human Subjects Research (RSCH-VP-004)
Research and Scholarly Integrity Assurance (RSCH-VP-001)
Scholarly Misconduct (RSCH-VP-002)
Research, Tech Transfer & Corporate Relations
Intellectual Property Policy (RSCH-OTD-001)
Office of Research Administration (ORA - formerly CGA and SPA) 
Gift Card and Gift Certificate Purchasing Policy (RSCH-SPA-009)
Post-Award Administration Policy (RSCH-SPA-005)
University Policies Governing External Support (RSCH-SPA-007)

Student Affairs (STUA)

Alcohol and Drug Policy (PRES-PR-001)
Hoverboard Policy (PRES-PR-002)
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (PRES-PR-003)
Dean of Students (DS)  
Institutional Policy on Hazing (STUA-DS-010)
Parental Notification Policy (STUA-DS-016)
Relief Days/"Dead Days" Policy (STUA-DS-017)
Rights and Responsibilities of a Southern Miss Student (STUA-DS-013)
Student Grievance Policy (STUA-DS-002)

Career Services (CS)

Credential/Recommendation Files (STUA-CS-003)
On-Campus Interviews (STUA-CS-002)
Recruiting Policy (STUA-CS-004)
Student Professional Conduct (STUA-CS-001)
Greek Life (GL)  
Gold Book (STUA-GL-001)
Hazing Policy (STUA-GL-002)

Health Services (HS)

Tobacco-Free USM (STUA-HS-001)

Recreational Sports (REC)

Awards and Opportunities (STUA-REC-010)
Captain's Responsibilities (STUA-REC-006)
Code of Conduct (STUA-REC-008)
Defaults and Forfeits (STUA-REC-007)
Eligibility (STUA-REC-002)
Intramurals (STUA-REC-001)
Participation (STUA-REC-005)
Registration (STUA-REC-004)
Scheduling (STUA-REC-003)
Sportsmanship (STUA-REC-009)

Residence Life (RES)

Alterations Policy (STUA-RES-059)
Appliances/Furniture Policy (STUA-RES-060)
Assessment of Damages Policy (STUA-RES-045)
Assignment Process Policy (STUA-RES-004)
Behavior and Conduct Toward Roommates (STUA-RES-019)
Bicycles and Motorbikes Policy (STUA-RES-061)
Break Housing (STUA-RES-012)
Breezeways and Grounds Policy (STUA-RES-062)
Building Equipment Policy (STUA-RES-063)
Bunk Beds/Lofts/Cinder Blocks/Rails Policy (STUA-RES-046)
Business Enterprises in the Residence Halls Policy (STUA-RES-020)
Camping and Grilling Policy (STUA-RES-021)
Child Supervision Policy (STUA-RES-064)
Compliance with University Regulations and Governmental Policies (STUA-RES-008)
Custodial Care Policy (STUA-RES-009)
Dances/Other Events Policy (STUA-RES-022)
Elevator Policy (STUA-RES-024)
Failure to Comply Policy (STUA-RES-025)
Felony Conviction/University Right to Cancel Policy (STUA-RES-052)
Fire and Safety Equipment Policy (STUA-RES-026)
Gas Leak Procedures Policy (STUA-RES-058)
Hall Sports Policy (STUA-RES-028)
Harassment and Threatening or Aggressive Behavior Toward Staff Policy (STUA-RES-029)
Health and Safety Policy (STUA-RES-030)
Housing Fee Policy (STUA-RES-003)
Housing for Students with Disabilities (STUA-RES-011)
Length of Residence Policy (STUA-RES-053)
Liability Policy (STUA-RES-056)
Loitering Outside the Halls Policy (STUA-RES-031)
Meal Plan Policy (STUA-RES-013)
Motorized Vehicles Policy (STUA-RES-014)
Noise Policy (STUA-RES-032)
Obstruction of Corridors, Lobbies, Lounges and Walkways Policy (STUA-RES-033)
Overnight Guests Policy (STUA-RES-034)
Payment of Rent Policy (STUA-RES-054)
Pets in Residence Halls Policy (STUA-RES-035)
Policy Violations (STUA-RES-016)
Potential Harm to Others Policy (STUA-RES-036)
Privacy of Residents Policy (STUS-RES-017)
Property Responsibility Policy (STUA-RES-006)
Residence Life Conduct Process Policy (STUA-RES-051)
Responsibilities of the University Policy (STUA-RES-010)
Room Decorating Policy (STUA-RES-047)
Safety Policy (STUA-RES-007)
Sign Policy (STUA-RES-037)
Smoking in Residence Halls Policy (STUA-RES-038)
Solicitation Policy (STUA-RES-039)
Solicitors Policy (STUA-RES-065)
Storage Fees Policy (STUA-RES-048)
Study/Quiet Hours Policy (STUA-RES-040)
Termination of Housing Contract Lease Agreement (STUA-RES-005)
Theft and Possession of Stolen Property Policy (STUA-RES-041)
University Email Policy (STUA-RES-015)
University Housing Policy (STUA-RES-001)
Vandalism Policy (STUA-RES-043)
Visitation Policy (STUA-RES-042)
Windows/Balconies/Roof/Restricted Areas Policy (STUA-RES-044)
Withdrawal from the Residence Hall Policy (STUA-RES-049)
Withdrawal From the University Policy (STUA-RES-050)

Student Counseling Services (SCS)

Confidentiality Policy (STUA-SCS-001)
Notice of Privacy Practices (HIPAA Compliance) (STUA-SCS-002)
Policies on Withdrawal for Psychological Reasons (STUA-SCS-004)
Referral Pattern for Students in Need of Mental Health Services (STUA-SCS-003)

University Police (UPD)

Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act (STUA-UPD-001)
Missing Persons Policy (STUA-UPD-005)
Weapons Policy (STUA-UPD-003)

University Union and Hub (UNA)

Chartering a New Student Organization (STUA-UNA-011)
Danforth Chapel Policies (STUA-UNA-003
Eaglevision Digital Signage Policy (STUA-UNA-004)
Free Speech, Demonstration and Protest Policy (STUA-UNA-012)
Prom/Dance Agreement (STUA-UNA-005)
Sign Policy (STUA-UNA-006)
Solicitation Policy (STUA-UNA-007)
Union Complex General Policies (STUA-UNA-009)

University Advancement (UADV)

University Advancement (UA)  
 USM Naming and Recognition Guidelines (UADV-UA-001)




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