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Institutional Policies

Policy PRES-GC-004

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Responsible University Administrator: President
Responsible Officer: Director of Athletics
Origination Date: 11/20/18
Current Revision Date: N/A
Next Review Date: 07/01/22
End of Policy Date N/A
Policy Number: PRES-GC-004
Status: Effective



Policy Statement

The University of Southern Mississippi celebrates the achievements and the well-being of all the amateur student-athletes who choose to attend the University.  The University recognizes sports wagering activities have the potential to encumber or negatively impact the student-athlete experience and affect the integrity of intercollegiate sports. This Policy sets forth the University's position on sports wagering activities by student-athletes, employees or representatives of the University's Athletics Department, and non-athletics department employees who have responsibilities within or over the athletics department (e.g. President, faculty athletics representative, any individual to whom athletics reports).



The purpose of this Policy is to ensure compliance with National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) legislation regarding sports wagering activities, to outline the University's expectations of its students, employees, representatives, and agents regarding such activities and to provide awareness to the University community of its responsibilities regarding sports wagering activities.  

Who Needs to Know This Procedure

All members of The University of Southern Mississippi community. The University community includes students, staff, faculty, alumni, and any third-party entity associated in any way with student-athletes or the athletics department.  

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Sports wagering includes placing, accepting, or soliciting a wager of any type with any individual or organization on any intercollegiate, amateur, or professional team or contest. 
Examples of sports wagering include but are not limited to, the use of a bookmaker or parlay card; Internet sports wagering; auctions in which bids are placed on teams, individuals or contests and pools or fantasy leagues in which any entry fee is required and there is an opportunity to win a prize. 
A wager is any agreement in which an individual or entity agrees to give up an item of value (e.g. cash, shirt, dinner, etc.) in exchange for the possibility of gaining another item of value. 


         1    Pursuant to NCAA legislation, the following individuals shall not knowingly participate in sports wagering activities or provide information to individuals involved in or associated with any type of sports wagering activities concerning intercollegiate, amateur, or professional athletics competition:


1.1  Employees or representatives of the University's Athletics Department

        1.2   Non-athletics department employees who have responsibilities within or over the athletics department (e.g. President, faculty athletics representative, any individuals to whom athletics reports); and

        1.3   Student-athletes

2.   The prohibition against sports wagering applies to any institutional practice or any competition (intercollegiate, amateur, or professional) in a sport in which the NCAA conducts championship competition, in bowl subdivision football and in emerging sports for women. The prohibition also applies even if sports wagering is permitted by state or federal law.

3.    In addition, all employees, officials, representatives, and agents of the University are prohibited from sharing, sensitive information (e.g. academic or disciplinary status of a student-athlete, injury or medical status of a student-athlete, etc.) not otherwise available to the general public that may directly or indirectly impact sports wagering activities unless there is a legitimate educational or lawful purpose for providing such information and the recipient of the information has a legitimate, lawful purpose for receiving the information.

4.   It is also a violation of this policy to aid, abet, or assist another to violate this policy; to influence another to violate the policy by means of coercion, duress, fraud, or intimidation; or attempt to do any of the acts prohibited by this policy.

5.  Any individual who violates this policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the University or termination of employment. 


This Policy will be reviewed every four (4) years or whenever circumstances require an earlier review by the Director of Athletics. 







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