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Institutional Policies

Policy STUA-DS-017

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Responsible University Administrator: Vice President for Student Affairs
Responsible Officer: Dean of Students
Origination Date: N/A
Current Revision Date: 02/05/13
Next Review Date: 02/05/17
End of Policy Date: N/A
Policy Number: STUA-DS-017
Status: Effective




Policy Statement

Relief days, known as “dead days,” have been designated at the end of the semester and before final exams.

Reason for Policy/Purpose

This policy is required for the effective communication of university policy regarding “dead days.”

Who Needs to Know This Policy

All members of The University of Southern Mississippi community.

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  1. No test shall be given Thursday or Friday before final exams, “test” being defined as in-class examination of cumulative information presented from memory. This is not to be confused with an out-of-class assignment that could possibly be finished and turned in before the date it is due, a date which may fall during the week before finals. Exceptions may be allowed for laboratory, performance/activity and those regularly scheduled Thursday or Friday classes which meet one time per week. Faculty should note exceptions on the course syllabus, which is distributed to students at the beginning of the semester.
  2.  All pre-planned social activities that are held by any university-affiliated groups are forbidden Thursday, Friday and the weekend before exams.
  3. All regularly scheduled classes will be held as usual.
This policy is directed toward undergraduate classes on the Hattiesburg campus.


The Dean of Students is responsible for the review of this policy every four years (or whenever circumstances require immediate review). 






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11/01/11: Formatted for Institutional Policies website

02/05/13: Formatted for template. Minor editing throughout.



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