Policy STUA-RES-009

Responsible University Administrator:Vice President for Student Affairs
Responsible Officer:Director of Student Housing Administration
Origination Date:N/A
Current Revision Date:03/15/13
Next Review Date:03/15/17
End of Policy Date:N/A
Policy Number:STUA-RES-009



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Policy Statement

Residence Life may have to call authorities to transport a student to a medical center, treatment center, correctional facility or abode, as a result of potential harm to self or others.


Reason for Policy/Purpose

This policy is required for the effective communication of university policy regarding custodial care.  


Who Needs to Know This Policy

All students of The University of Southern Mississippi community living on campus. 


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(A) In the event that a student requires transportation to a medical center, treatment center, correctional facility or abode, as a result of potential harm to self or others, Residence Life staff will contact University Police or AAA Ambulance for the purpose of transporting the student. Residence Life is not financially responsible for transportation and treatment received.


(B) In the event that a student is transported, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, to a medical center, treatment center, or correctional center because the student is a potential harm to others, the following will be required for the student to be readmitted to his/her residence hall:


  1. Provide a release form signed by the attending authority, indicating the student is released from care and no longer a threat to others.
  2. Provide a copy of the release given to attending authority indicating he/she has permission to release information regarding the student’s status to Residence Life or Southern Miss Counseling Center professional staff. Prior to the potential re-admittance to the hall of any student, Residence Life must receive a verbal approval from the Southern Miss counselor on call.
  3. Residence Life reserves the right to deny residence hall readmission to a student based on issues such as timing of the request, possible negative impact of re-admittance upon the living and learning environment, information provided through the attending authority’s release, and the continued potential for harm to others.


(C) Occasionally, a student transported to a hospital, medical center, treatment center, or correctional facility may not be allowed to return to the residence hall until a hearing can be conducted. The student will be responsible for his or her own arrangements for off-campus accommodations and transportation, financial and otherwise. Staff cannot assume responsibility for a student who declines medical treatment.


(D) If a student is admitted to a hospital, medical center, treatment center or correctional facility as a result of potential harm to others, an attempt will be made to contact a parent or legal guardian to make him or her aware of the situation, the re-admittance policy, and to release the student to that person’s care.



The Director of Student Housing Administration is responsible for the review of this policy every four years (or whenever circumstances require immediate review).








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