About Institutional Research

Our Mission

The Office of Institutional Research collects, archives, and maintains institutional data for the purpose of analyzing, distributing and presenting summary information. This information is used to support the decision-making process and the planning needs of all academic and administrative units within The University of Southern Mississippi. The Office of Institutional Research is responsible for reporting official data to the Board of Trustees for Institutions of Higher Learning for the State of Mississippi (IHL) and the Federal Government (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System - IPEDS).


Our TeamThe Office of Institutional Research is located in the International Center, office 512. Our staff is available to assist and answer your questions.
118 College Drive, # 5167
Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39406
Phone: (601) 266-4059
Fax: (601) 266-4062
Email: ir@usm.edu
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DirectorMichelle ArringtonMichelle.Arrington@usm.edu
Programmer/AnalystLarry BaileyL.Bailey@usm.edu
Research AnalystVanessa BledsoeVanessa.Bledsoe@usm.edu
Research AnalystRex BomholdRex.Bomhold@usm.edu
Programmer/AnalystKent JohnsonKent.Johnson@usm.edu
Assistant to the DirectorKatie DykesKatie.Dykes@usm.edu
Statistical Data AnalystCasey ThomasCasey.Thomas@usm.edu