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School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Professional Development

Environmental Studies Concentration

The Environmental Studies Concentration BIS degree earned through an interdisciplinary series of courses geared to those with career goals in environmental policy, journalism, law, or activism, who seek a sufficient scientific background to be able to communicate relevant ideas to the public, or apply them in their own work, but who do not seek training in conducting environmental science themselves.

Its aim is to increase students’ awareness, knowledge, and critical analysis of the South as a distinct region, and to teach students a variety of skills and techniques for studying the South’s unique complexities and contributions.


In addition to the University General Education Curriculum (GEC01-GEC06), student are required to complete:

  • GEC07: IDS 301 (Writing Intensive)
  • GEC08: CMS 111 or CMS 305 or CMS 320 or CMS 330
  • GEC09: IDS 402 (Capstone)


Interdisciplinary Studies Core (13 hours)

  • IDS 201. Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar. (1 hour)
  • IDS 301. Foundations of Interdisciplinary Inquiry. (3 hours)
  • IDS 350. Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies. (3 hours)
  • IDS 401. Integrative Research Methods and Design. (3 hours)
  • IDS 402. Integrative Capstone Experience. (3 hours)


Environmental Studies Concentration (40 hours)

  • Introductory Sciences (12 hours)†
          BSC 111, BSC 111L. Principles of Biological Science II
          CHE 106, CHE 106L. General Chemistry I
          GHY 104/L or GHY 105/L or GLY 101/L. Geography or Geology

          † two (2) of the introductory sciences should be taken as part of GEC 02: Natural Science and Mathematics.
  • Advanced Sciences (10 hours)
          CHE 251, CHE 251L. Elementary Organic Chemistry
          BSC 340. Introductory Ecology
          GHY 422 or GHY 427. Advanced Geography
  • Concentration (12 hours)
    Complete four (4) courses from the following:
          ANT 422. Ecological Anthropology
          CJ 431. Environmental Law
          COA 306. Coastal Environments in Peril – Critical Issues
          ECO 225. Environmental Economics
          GHY 370. Conservation of Natural Resources
          HIS 470. Environmental History of the South
          HIS 472. American Environmental History
          PHI 457. Environmental Ethics
          PS 403. Politics and the Environment
  • Sustainability (3 hours)
          GHY 443. Sustainable Planning and Development
          IDS 492CA. Special Problems in Interdisciplinary Studies (Study Abroad sustainability course in Guelph, Ontario, Canada)

          IDS 491 may be used to fulfill this requirement with an approved environmental field experience or internship.
  • Advanced Writing (3 hours)
          ENG 332. Advanced Composition or
          ENG 333. Technical Writing


Additional information and course descriptions are available in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

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