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School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Professional Development

HCD-ITD Ph.D. Students Program Guide

Human Capital Development (Instructional Technology and Design) Ph.D.

Program Overview

The Doctor of Philosophy in Human Capital Development with an emphasis in Instructional Technology and Design (HCD-ITD) prepares individuals to engage in advanced scholarly inquiry related to design, development, evaluation, and research of effective interactive learning environments and technology integration. The program provides quality instruction for individuals who want to improve learning experiences in education, business, government military, healthcare, various training organizations, and nonprofit organizations through the application of effective instructional practices and innovative technologies. The program is based on the foundation that learning is a life-long process that requires active participation from individuals with varying backgrounds. By providing instruction of new developments in instructional design, the application of current technologies, and the process of innovative decision-making, the HCD-ITD Ph.D. prepares professionals to assist individuals and organizations to design, develop, implement, and evaluate effective instruction. Because of today's necessity to integrate technologies for the instruction of content at various levels, graduates of the program need to be prepared to lead future transformation efforts and become effective change agents in the process through research. The ITD faculty prepare a community of learners who can serve as change agents within their organizations and become effective leaders and innovators in improving instruction, research, and technology applications.

HCD-ITD Ph.D. students will learn

A wide variety of course offerings gives the graduate a thorough background in both the application of theory and practice in the field.  All students will study the following areas that pertain to HCD-ITD:

  • change leadership
  • performance improvement
  • strategic planning
  • workforce development
  • instructional technology,
  • instructional design,
  • visual design and communication,
  • applied learning theories,
  • distance learning,
  • assessment and evaluation,
  • interface design and technology applications,
  • future trends in technology, and
  • quantitative and qualitative research methods in the HCD-ITD field. 

Program Format: Executive Format

The HCD-ITD Ph.D. program is offered in an executive format. The courses are administered in eight-week sessions. HCD courses are offered in both online-only and executive format. Executive format courses combine 3-day face-to-face courses with Web-based instruction. All ITD courses are 100% online. Faculty and industry experts facilitate a think-tank learning environment where creativity flourishes and students engage with the best minds in human capital development.

HCD-ITD Ph.D. Program Curriculum

HCD Core Courses (12 hrs):

  • HCD 640 - Workforce Development Models (3 hrs)
  • HCD 715 - Change Leadership (3 hrs)
  • HCD 725 - Advanced Workforce Analysis (3 hrs)
  • HCD 660 - Foundations of Human Capital Development (3 hrs), or
  • ITD 709 - Leadership in Instructional Technology (3 hrs)

ITD Emphasis (15 hrs):

  • ITD 720 - Instructional Design Principles and Theories (3 hrs)
  • ITD 740 - Interactive Instructional Media (3 hrs)
  • ITD 832 - Evaluation and Assessment of Instructional Design (3 hrs)
  • ITD 852 - Diffusion and Adoption of Technology Innovations (3 hrs)
  • ITD 860 - Emerging Technology in Instructional Technology (3 hrs)

Research Core (27 hrs):

  • HCD 635 - Statistics in HCD (3 hrs)
  • HCD 745 - Quantitative Research Methodologies (3 hrs)
  • HCD 750 - Qualitative Research Methodologies (3 hrs)
  • HCD 755 - Survey Design and Administration (3 hrs)
  • HCD 760 - Analysis/Interpretation/Reporting Research Results (3 hrs)
  • HCD 891 - Research in Human Capital Development (3 hrs)
  • HCD 898 - Dissertation Research (9 hrs)

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