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School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Professional Development

Land Management Emphasis

The degree plan was developed collaboratively by a working group of faculty in Business, Economics, Paralegal Studies, Geology and Geography. Students completing the Interdisciplinary Studies (Land Management) emphasis will complete specific coursework in each of these fields.

Students complete core IDS coursework, including the design and implementation of an independent and interdisciplinary research project in IDS 401 and IDS 402. Students also complete a minimum of 4 hours of Practicum (IDS 401), requiring 80 hours of associated field experience. Working directly with the Mississippi Association of Petroleum Landmen, students are connected with relevant internships and other field experiences relevant to careers in land management.


In addition to the University General Education Curriculum (GEC01-GEC06), student are required to complete:

  • GEC07: IDS 301 (Writing Intensive)
  • GEC08: CMS 111 or CMS 305 or CMS 320 or CMS 330
  • GEC09: IDS 402 (Capstone)


Interdisciplinary Studies Core (12 hours)

  • IDS 301. Foundations of Interdisciplinary Inquiry. (3 hours)
  • IDS 350. Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies. (3 hours)
  • IDS 401. Integrative Research Methods and Design. (3 hours)
  • IDS 402. Integrative Capstone Experience. (3 hours)


Land Management Emphasis Area Coursework (51-54 hours)

  • Geography (9 hours)
    GHY 210, GHY 210L. Introduction to Map Reading and Cartography
    GHY 217, GHY 217L. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
    GHY 370. Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Geology (12-15 hours)
    GLY 101, GLY 101L. Physical Geology
    (GLY 301 and GLY 304/L) or (GLY 401 and GLY 405/L and GLY 470/L)
  • Business and Economics (15 hours)
    ACC 200. Introduction to Financial Accounting
    ACC 220. Managerial Accounting
    ECO 201. Principles of Macroeconomics
    ECO 202. Principles of Microeconomics
    MGT 300. Management for Organizations
  • Legal Studies (15 hours)
    PLS 365
    PLS 375. Oil and Mineral Rights Law
    PLS 376. Contract Law and Negotiations
    PLS 387. Title Searching and Loan Document Preparation
    PLS 388. Commercial Skills for Paralegals
  • Advanced Writing (3 hours)
    ENG 332. Advanced Composition or
    ENG 333. Technical Writing
  • Practicum (3 hours)
    IDS 491. Practicum in Interdisciplinary Studies. Details to be determined in consultation with your advisor/Land Management Coordinator.


Additional information and course descriptions are available in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

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