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School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Professional Development

Southern Studies Concentration

The Southern Studies Concentration BIS degree earned through an interdisciplinary series of courses on issues and research concerning the study of the southern United States. By integrating a variety of disciplines across the humanities and social sciences—including anthropology, geography, literature, music, political science, and sociology—the Southern Studies Concentration investigates the past, present, and future of the American South and its impact on the United States and the world.

Its aim is to increase students’ awareness, knowledge, and critical analysis of the South as a distinct region, and to teach students a variety of skills and techniques for studying the South’s unique complexities and contributions.


In addition to the University General Education Curriculum (GEC01-GEC06), student are required to complete:

  • GEC07: IDS 301 (Writing Intensive)
  • GEC08: CMS 111 or CMS 305 or CMS 320 or CMS 330
  • GEC09: IDS 402 (Capstone)


Interdisciplinary Studies Core (13 hours)

  • IDS 201. Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar. (1 hour)
  • IDS 301. Foundations of Interdisciplinary Inquiry. (3 hours)
  • IDS 350. Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies. (3 hours)
  • IDS 401. Integrative Research Methods and Design. (3 hours)
  • IDS 402. Integrative Capstone Experience. (3 hours)


Southern Studies Concentration (36 hours)

  • Introductory Requirements (6 hours)
         American Literature: ENG 370 or ENG 371
         United States History: HIS 201 or HIS 202
  • Concentration (27 hours)
    Complete nine (9) courses in at least four (4) different disciplines:

         Courses Offered Regularly
         Anthropology: ANT 433† - Prehistory of Southeastern Indians
         English: ENG 372 - African American Literature
         English: ENG 473 - Studies in African American Literature
         English: ENG 485† - Survey of Literature of the South
         Geography: GHY 400 - Geography of Mississippi
         History: HIS 370† - Mississippi History
         History: HIS 373 - African American History I, 1619-1890
         History: HIS 374 - African American History II
         History: HIS 463† - Civil War
         History: HIS 468† - Old South
         History: HIS 469† - New South
         History: HIS 475 - American Indians of the Southeast
         Music: MUS 360 - Stylistic Developments in Jazz
         Political Science: PS 489 - Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
         Sociology: SOC 350 - Sociology of Race & Ethnicity

         Courses Offered Occasionally:
         History: HIS 467 - Colonial South
         Political Science: PS 306 - Race & Ethnic Politics
         Political Science: PS 409† - Southern Politics
         Sociology: SOC 355 - Sociology of Collective Behavior & Social Movements

         Specialty Courses Offered in the Past:
         Anthropology: ANT 334 - Archaeology of the Old South
         Anthropology: ANT 426 - American Forklore
         History: HIS 470 - Environmental History of the South
         Music: MUS 364 - Traditional Music of the Deep South
         Political Science: PS 407 - Mississippi Government
         Sociology: SOC 311 - Rural Sociology

         † recommended courses

  • Practicum (3 hours)
         IDS 491. Practicum in Interdisciplinary Studies.


Additional information and course descriptions are available in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

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