Academic Records

Applicants should submit complete, official, academic records to include the following:

  • transcripts of all courses completed for each year of college or university work
  • diplomas/degree certificates

All academic records should be submitted in the applicant’s native language with certified English translations. These records should be mailed directly to us from the school or the examining board. These records must be authenticated by an appropriate school or board official.

Academic records should include the dates of attendance, titles of courses, credits earned, detailed marks, and an explanation of the marks or grading system used. A catalog or syllabus from each college or university attended, including course descriptions, would be of great help in the evaluation of college records and may be required in certain cases.

Photocopies of original records will not be accepted unless they have been certified as true and correct in original ink by your college registrar. Do not send photocopies that have not been certified as official.

PLEASE NOTE: All academic records submitted become the property of The University of Southern Mississippi and will not be returned.