Insurance Waiver Guidelines for International Students

A more structured set of insurance waiver guidelines will be implemented beginning in the Fall 2014 term.  Please note:

  • International students are required to have continuous insurance coverage throughout their program of study.  Students who purchase the university-approved UnitedHealthcare plan will be covered from August 15 – January 14, and from January 15 – August 14.  If you buy your own insurance from another source you may buy insurance coverage for the entire year at one time, or you may buy it for the same time periods as the university-approved plan. Your coverage must extend through the summer term even if you will not be in the United States during that time.
  • Maximum benefit of at least $250,000.00 per sickness/injury per policy year.


  • Annual maximum benefit of at least $600,000.00.


  • Must provide for emergency and non-emergency care, mental health care, and maternity health care.


  • Must provide prescription drug coverage.


  • Deductible of $500.00 or less.


  • Repatriation coverage of at least $50,000.00.


  • Medical Evacuation coverage of at least $50,000.00.


  • Insurance company with a licensed claims office in the United States.*


  • Must provide a copy of your policy details in English and documentation (letter, receipt, card, etc.) of the coverage period.

*Special considerations will be made on a case-by-case basis for government-sponsored insurance plans.