Academic Superstore Purchase Eligibility

College Students and Parents

If you're a student or parent of a student currently attending college, you can buy most products at special academic discounts! The student is the eligible customer and orders may be billed, shipped, and charged in the parent's name. Yes, parents can buy a copy of Adobe Creative Suite or Microsoft Office for a college student at 30% to 50% savings over retail prices!


You must send in ONE of the forms below, dated for the current semester along with a photo ID.

  • Current semester/school year student ID
  • Registration receipt for this semester
  • An official copy of the student's class schedule
  • A letter of enrollment on school letterhead


Special Restrictions

Not all manufacturers offer discounts to students. Some manufacturers require full-time enrollment.

Instant verification is available for most students attending a university, college, or trade school.


How long is your eligibility kept on file?

Academic eligibility is kept on file for 12 months. If you have received an order within the last 12 months, your eligibility is on file. Simply reply back to the eligibility e-mail by typing ON FILE. After placing your initial order, or if you haven't ordered in the last 12 months, simply e-mail or fax 1.866.947.4525 a legible copy of the proper eligibility document.