SOAR Downtime Scheduled for April 8

    SOAR will be down for maintenance from Friday, April 7, at midnight until Saturday, April 8, at 11 p.m. Users will not be able to log into SOAR during this time. You can go to the iTech website for an up-to-date system status.

    If you need to address an issue concerning any of the outages, contact the iTech Help Desk at 601.266.HELP (4357).

    Security Announcement: Phishing/Spam Emails

    Recently, the Southern Miss community has been receiving phishing emails asking users to verify their email addresses and prompting them to click on a link to go to the verification page. These are intended for MALICIOUS purposes and should not be followed. Please delete questionable emails, and DO NOT click on any links contained within.

    Phishing is the practice of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and/or financial details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity such as the Help Desk. Phishing is typically carried out by emails requesting personal information, directing users to a false website, or via an email attachment containing a virus. See here for phishing email examples. 

    No one from the university will ever ask you for your password! This information belongs to you and should be kept safe. For further assistance, contact the iTech Help Desk immediately at 601.266.HELP.

    3.03.17 Alert – Don’t Use Microsoft IE Web Browser for External Sites, Exposed to a Vulnerability

    Security researchers from Google's Project Zero have identified, and alerted companies, to a high-severity vulnerability that affects Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, and Microsoft Edge, on any “supported” platforms (Windows 7, 8.1, 10).

     Successful exploitation could grant an attacker the same user rights as the current user, while even failed attacks will cause denial of service conditions (the web browser will crash).

     NASA will deploy a patch for this vulnerability, as soon as Microsoft provides it. Until then, we recommend you use an alternative browser when accessing external web sites. As always, do not open attachments or click on links in an email if there is anything suspicious about them.

    Source: NASA CIO





    SOAR Downtime Scheduled for Feb. 11

    SOAR will be down for maintenance on Saturday, Feb. 11, from 2 a.m. until 5 p.m. Users will not be able to log into SOAR during this time.

    If you need to address an issue concerning any of the outages, contact the iTech Help Desk at 601.266.HELP (4357).

    New CampusID Password System

    The University of Southern Mississippi now has a new, self-service Campus ID password management portal. Please go to the log-in page and answer any five of the 25 security questions there. Once your security questions have been registered in the system, you may easily manage your account at the CampusID page

    Once answered, three of these questions will be asked of you randomly within a self-service password management portal any time you need to change your password. Prompt response to this message is requested to ensure everyone is able to manage their own passwords without requiring Help Desk assistance.

    Note: Answering these questions will provide you the ability to change your own password in the event you forget the current one. Your current password is still valid, depending on the amount of time since it was last changed.

    If you encounter any technical issues, please, contact the iTech HelpDesk at 601.266.4357 or visit the iTech website to enter a work order and to obtain assistance.