Computer Exchange Program Announces Changes for FY16

    The funds for the Computer Exchange Program for FY16 are nearly depleted.  To help the university reduce spending and to provide an alternative to purchasing a new computer, the Computer Exchange Program has expanded to include “Green” computers.  With the exchange of a computer of any age and a $100 service charge for refurbishment, departments may obtain a Green computer under 6 years of age.  To apply for a Green Computer, use this form.


    CEP now defines computers distributed through the program as Gold or Green:

    ·         Gold Computer – formerly known as CEP computers that were under warranty and are our current standard. CEP Gold computers are delivered with the following: Desktops come with power cord, keyboard and mouse.  Laptops come with a power cord.

    ·         Green Computer – recommissioned/recycled computers that are no longer under the manufacturer’s warranty, but still have useful life.  CEP Green computer Dell desktops are delivered with power cords.  All other CEP Green computers (Apple desktops, Apple laptops or Dell laptops) do not have any additional accessories or peripherals.


    For additional information please review the updated Computer Exchange Program Policies and CEP FAQ’s.

    SOAR, SOARFIN and SOARHR Downtime Scheduled for Aug. 8

    SOAR, SOARFIN, and SOARHR will be down for maintenance on Saturday, Aug. 8, from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Users will not be able to log into any of these systems during this time. 

    If you need to address an issue concerning this outage, contact the iTech Help Desk at 601.266.HELP (4357).

    08.07.15 Network issues on Hattiesburg Campus

    Due to a power outage, the Hattiesburg campus is experiencing network issues in the following locations: 

    Arthell Kelly Hall, Fraternity Row, Baptist Student Union, Center for Child Development, Cedar, Dubard School, International Center, Kate Hubbard House, Nursing building, Payne Center, Peck House, Pete Taylor Park, JB George, Theater and Dance,  A-L- Village 
    We hope to have this issue resolved by noon. Please contact the iTech Help Desk at 266.4357 (HELP) for issues regarding this outage. 

    Computer Exchange Program Now Accepting Requests

    The FY16 Computer Exchange Program is now accepting requests. Are you eligible for the CEP? Click here to view frequently asked questions for answers to this and other questions. 

    To request a CEP computer, complete the request form in SOAR. You can find the CEP request form using the left-hand menu. Follow the navigation by clicking on USM Utilities > USM iTech > Use > CEP Request.

    Updated Telephone, Voicemail & Long Distance Usage Policy Update

    The university provides telephone, voicemail and long distance services for current faculty, staff, vendors, affiliates and contractors.  USM provides telephone and voicemail services for current students living on campus in residence halls. The university has recently published a Telephone, Voicemail & Long Distance Services Usage Policy. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with this updated policy.