CampusID FAQ's

What are the requirements when setting up my security question responses?

Your answers must be:
  • At least 3 characters long
  • Cannot repeat
  • Not case sensitive
  • May have foreign characters 
  • Cannot have trailing spaces

Can I change my security questions and the responses?

The only thing needed to access and change the security questions and the associated responses on the Password Registration page is to be able to authenticate with your valid password. If you do not remember the responses or your password, please contact the iTech HelpDesk at 601.266.4357. 

What are the rules for creating a strong password?

Passwords must meet the following minimum requirements, and are enforced when they are changed or created:

  • Minimum number of characters = 8
  • Maximum number of characters = 128

The password must contain three from the following categories:

  • Minimally 1 uppercase letter (A through Z)
  • Minimally 1 lowercase letter (A through Z)
  • Minimally 1 numerical value (0 through 9)
  • Minimally 1 non-alphanumeric characters that is not a space.  
    Excluding spaces, which are not to be used, any other character can be used; examples are:  ! $ # @ % * ^ +

What do I do if I forgot my password and/or my security questions responses?

Contact the iTech HelpDesk at 601.266.4357 or for assistance in recovering your account.

Why can I not change my password?

Before being able to change your password, you must answer 5 security questions here.

When answering my security questions, I received an error. What does it mean? What should I do?

This is a known problem.  Sometimes, while answering the security questions, mistakes are made (e.g., misspells, an answer is too short, too many questions are answered, or too few are answered).  Although, you may correct those mistakes, the system will give a false error after you are through answering all the questions needed.  In most cases, if you try again, the problem resolves itself.  If you continue having issues, contact the iTech HelpDesk at 601.266.4357 or

I have a valid password, but I answered my questions incorrectly and cannot remember the answers. What should I do?

Go back to the Register Security Questions page, and start over.  All your previous answers will be replaced with the new answers.  If you continue having issues, contact the iTech HelpDesk at 601.266.4357 or