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Eagle Backup Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the policies surrounding the Eagle (Workstation) Backup usage?

    Eagle (Workstation) Backup Usage Policy 

  2. What are my responsibilities for using the Eagle (Workstation) Backup client?
    • Individual users/persons utilizing Eagle Backup services are responsible for the following:
    1. Changes to the backup profile that vary from the default setup;
    2. Verifying that their backups are being executed as expected;
    3. Notifying the Help Desk for assistance if requested quota is exceeded or if backups cease to occur;
    4. Notifying iTech when moving to a new department and informing iTech of a change to the chart field/budget string assigned for any and all Eagle Backup charges.
  3. What is inSync?

    inSync is software that periodically archives the files located on your university owned Windows/Mac/Linux desktop or laptop computer to a backup server on campus. 

  4. Why is inSync being installed on campus systems?

    inSync is a disaster recovery option designed to protect your important files in the event your computer suffers from hardware failure, is lost or stolen, or files stored locally on the computer are deleted accidentally.

  5. What will inSync archive?

    inSync will archive any files/folders located on the Desktop, in the Documents folders as well as locally-stored mail and browser favorites/bookmarks. The option to add additional folders to backup is available.

  6. If my computer is turned off during the backup time what happens?

    Once your computer is turned on the backup process will begin. No need to do a thing!

  7. What is not backed up with inSync?

    By default, inSync is setup to automatically backup key folders on your systems including: Desktop, Favorites, Documents, Office Settings, and any locally stored Outlook email.

    If you keep files in a folder at the root of C: or outside of the Users folder (Mac), on an external USB drive, etc. – these items will not be automatically backed up.  However, you do have the option to add folders on your local machine to be backed up.  For example, if you want your “My Pictures” folder to be backed up, you can add this folder through the inSync client. 

  8. What happens if I reach my quota?

    If you reach your backup quota, you will not receive additional backups until your quota is increased or the size of your data is decreased.

  9. How can I prevent reaching my quota?

    If you have large files or a large number of files located in the default directories that are being backed up, you can move some of those files to another location on your computer to prevent them from being backed up.

  10. Who can see the data that has been backed up to the server from my computer?

    Only you and the inSync server system administrators would have access to restore the files which have been archived from your computer.  

  11. Where are my actual backups stored?

    Your backups are stored on a server in the University Technology and Data Center.  inSync encrypts and compresses all data on your computer before it is sent over the network to the campus server.

  12. When does inSync backup my data?

    Druva inSync backs up the files and creates a ‘snapshot’ every 4 hours by default.  This setting can be changed under the “Preferences” section of the application.

  13. If I take my laptop off campus, will the computer still back up?

    Yes, if the laptop is off campus and has internet access, Druva inSync will still be able to backup your data.

  14. How long are backup’s kept on the server?

    inSync archives a ‘snapshot’ of your data for up to 30 days.

  15. How do I install the software?

    Please see inSync installation instructions.

  16. Can I get my work computer files while at another computer?

    Yes! Access to your files can be achieved by using the inSync web interface at  Simply login using your USM email account and password. 

  17. Will inSync make my computer slow while it archives my data?

    inSync is designed to synchronize files to the server in the background and not impact system performance. An inSync synchronization may also be ‘paused’ in the event that an update coincides with a critical task you are trying to achieve which requires your full system CPU.

  18. How many devices can I backup on my account?

    With your existing account, you have the ability to backup 4 devices.  Each device counts against your current 50GB limit. With more than one device it is possible that you will reach or exceed your limit.  Once the 50GB limit has been reached, the backups will stop and you will need to request additional storage space via an iTech work order. To enable an additional device, please review the inSync installation instructions to install the client on that device.

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