Forwarding Your Eagle Mail

The Southern Miss faculty/staff email system (Eagle mail) offers many features that will enhance your email experience. Eagle mail offers you access anywhere–at your desktop, via the web or from your mobile device. It will be easier to find and share data, documents and schedules from wherever you are.

Benefits To Forwarding

  • Access to Outlook on the web looks just like Outlook on your desktop.
  • Access to email quickly because a copy of your mailbox is stored on your computer and frequently updated.
  • Work offline and your data is still available to you instantly. Any changes made are synchronized automatically when you go back online.
  • Connect wirelessly to email using your mobile device
  • Makes email management easier.
  • Provides a secure and stable environment.
  • Supported locally by iTech.

When You Forward Your Email

The Southern Miss faculty/staff email system (Eagle mail) does provide you with the capability to forward your email to external systems if you choose. Please be advised that it is not supported by iTech and doing so may impact the following:

  • Your filters or rules may no longer work if you redirect mail to an external system.
  • Forwarding messages to external systems can result in data leakage to insecure networks.
  • Local support for forwarded email is not available.
  • Features and new capabilities may not be available for forwarded accounts.

For more information on iTech services, please review the Service Catalog on the iTech website.

How to Forward your Email