Password Management

Service Description

Change your password in CampusID - SOAR, SOARFIN for faculty, staff, students and e-mail for faculty/staff
Change your password in EagleAppsID - Student e-mail


Services Offered

CampusID is for password changes and resets for students, faculty and staff with SOAR and SOARFIN accounts and for faculty and staff with Eagle e-mail accounts.

EagleAppsID is for password changes and resets for students with EagleApps student e-mail.



Faculty, staff and students are eligible.


To request service

CampusID (SOAR, SOARFIN, Fac/Staff E-mail) 

EagleAppsID (Student E-mail)



Online password self-service is available 24/7, except for scheduled maintenance periods.


For problems or issues, contact

The iTech Help Desk


For further information

EagleAppsID - If you forgot your EagleApps student E-mail password go to EagleAppsID login, and click on the "Forgot Password" link.

CampusID - For further information and help with your University CampusID password.


Related charges

There are no related charges for password management for CampusID and EagleAppsID.


Service Owner

Nick Williams