Security Incident Response

Service Description

In case of an information security incident that threatens the availability, confidentiality and integrity of University information assets, information systems and the networks that deliver the information, a security incident response will follow in order to promptly restore operations impacted by the incident.


Services Offered

Such incidents may include the access to sensitive or confidential data, intellectual property, damage to public image and/or damage to critical internal systems.

When a security incident occurs, the Southern Miss Technology Audit and Security Team will alert the appropriate personnel to a potential or real threat.

The incident is examined for authenticity and severity.

Evidence is gathered to determine cause and vulnerability.

Systems are recovered, lessons learned are documented and maintenance can resume.



This service applies to all University information systems and services for which it is responsible. It applies to any computing device owned by the University that might experience a security incident. It also will apply to any computing device regardless of ownership, which is used to store restricted/confidential university data, or which, if lost, stolen or compromised, could lead to the unauthorized disclosure of confidential university data.


To request service

Requests are reported and tracked by entering a Help Desk work order or e-mailing Southern Miss Technology Audit and Security Team.



Service is provided 24/7 for security incidents.


For problems or issues, contact

The iTech Help Desk 


For further information

Southern Miss Technology Audit and Security Team


Related charges

Cost is dependent upon service type and may vary.


Service Owner

Bob Wilson