Server Hosting

Service Description

Server hosting, server support and server administration services are available in The University Technology and Data Center (UTDC). We offer hosting in a Tier 2+ Data Center providing redundant power, cooling, and networking.

Services Offered

You may choose between rack space only or fully managed hardware and operating system. Server hosting is physically "housing" a server in the UTDC. Server support includes server procurement, server installation and storage solutions. Server administration includes security patching, maintenance, monitoring and backup and recovery services. The UTDC supports Windows and Linux environments and, if needed, application, Web and database support may also be purchased.

Limitations for rack space only:

* Hardware must fit standard rack dimensions - no tower style servers

Limitations for fully managed:

* Non-standard hardware, operating system or supported packages

* Non-standard or undocumented devices or databases

Support options include hardware assembly, racking, operating system installation, backing up, patching, maintenance and monitoring.



All departments and active university employees are eligible.


To request service

To request a Virtual Server, please complete the Virtual Server form.

To request a Physical Server, E-mail Data Center Hosting.



Our Data Center is access controlled and supported 24/7. After hours support is provided as per individual Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).


For problems or issues, contact

The iTech Help Desk 


For further information

E-mail Data Center Hosting


Related charges

Cost is dependent upon service type(s) and may vary.  Sample pricing information is provided below but does not supersede an official quote from

 Server Hosting


Service Owner

Tina White