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Set-Up MFA via Microsoft Authenticator App

This section takes you step-by-step to secure your Microsoft 365 account using the Microsoft Authenticator app. The Authenticator factor requires a smartphone where the Microsoft Authenticator app can be installed.

Step 1: Sign-in to Microsoft 365 by visiting
Login using and password Note: You must log-in using your and CampusID password. wEmplID means the letter "w" followed by your employee/student ID number. USM employee/student ID numbers are either 6 or 8 digits. Examples of wEmplID are w123456 (if your EmplID is 6-digits) and w12345678 (if your EmplID is 8-digits).

Step 2: Select Next.
Select Next

Step 3: Below the "How should we contact you?" section:
How should we contact you section3a. Select "Mobile App" option from the first drop-down menu.
3b. Select the "Receive notifications for verification" in the "How do you want to use the mobile app?" section.
3c. Select "Set up."

Note: It is recommended to use the "Receive notifications for verification" option as this will ensure your ability to authenticate without any further inputs on your computer or mobile device.

Step 4: On your mobile device, open "App Store" for iOS, or "Google Play" for Android.
4a. Search for "Microsoft Authenticator."
4b. Download and install Microsoft Authenticator app.
Open either App Store on iOS or Google Play on Android4c. Launch Microsoft Authenticator app.
Microsoft Authenticator application icon
4d. Tap "Allow" to allow the app to send phone notifications. 
Allow to send phone notificationsNote: Step 4d only applies to Apple devices.

4e. Tap "Skip."
Verify by reading through or skipping this stepNote: Depending on your device, this step may display in a different sequence. You may choose to read through this step or tap "skip."

4f. Tap "OK."
Data privacy
4g. Tap "Add account."
Add an account
4h. Tap "Work or school account."
Select work or school account
4i. Tap "Allow" for Android devices or "OK" for Apple devices.
Allow Authenticator to access camera
4j. Scan the QR code described in Step 5 below using your mobile device.
Scan QR Code

Step 5: Scan the QR code displayed on the computer screen. Select "Next."
Scan QR code displayed on computer screen

Step 6: Once the "Mobile app has been configured for notifications and verification codes" message is displayed on your computer screen, select "Next."
Additional security verification step 1

Step 7: On your mobile device, in the Microsoft Authenticator app, tap "Approve."
Approve sign in on mobile device
Note: The below prompt will display on your computer screen while you authenticate on your mobile device.
Additional security verification step 2

Step 8: Enter a phone number accessible off-campus, then select "Done."
Additional security verification step 3
Note: If a phone number is auto-populated, ensure the number is valid. This number will only be necessary in the event you lose access to the Microsoft Authenticator app. The number entered can be mobile or landline, but must be accessible off-campus.

Step 9: This step allows you to reduce the number of times you are asked to sign-in, and your response to this prompt should reflect your preference.
Reduce number of times asked to sign in

Congratulations! You have completed your MFA setup using your Authenticator app as the authenticator factor.

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