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Skype for Business - Meetings

Schedule a Skype for Business Meeting

(This is an Outlook task.)

  1. Open your Outlook Calendar, select the Hometab, and select New Skype Meeting. (If you are in Skype for Business (Lync) mode, this button still says New Skype Meeting.)
    New Skype Meeting
  2. Complete the meeting request just like you normally would.
    Complete the meeting request

Set Meeting Options

You can set some meeting options in Outlook before you even send the meeting request--like who will be able to get into the meeting directly and who has to wait in the virtual lobby.
Meeting Options

Share Your Desktop or a Program

Need to show everyone what you're talking about?

  1. In the meeting window, select the Present button.
  2. Select Present Desktop to show the entire contents of your desktop, or select Present Programs and double-click the program you want to share.
    Share your desktop or a program

Share a PowerPoint Presentation

  1. In the meeting window, select the Present button.
  2. Select Present PowerPoint Files.
  3. Browse to the file you want to present and select "OK."
    Share a PowerPoint Presentation

Done presenting?

Select: Stop Presenting

Record and Play Back a Meeting

It's easy to capture audio, video, IM, and what's being presented.

  1. In the meeting window, select the More Options button.
  2. Select Start Recording.
  3. After the meeting, go to Manage Recordings to publish, play, rename, or delete the recording.
    Record and play back a meeting

Manage Meeting Participants

Meeting getting unruly? If you're the presenter, you are in control.

  1. Select the Participants button to open the Participants pane so you can see a list of everyone in the meeting.
  2. Select the Participant Actions button.
    Participants button
  3. Select one or multiple buttons to apply these settings to all attendees.
    Apply settings to all attendees

Need to invite more people?

Select: Invite more people

Choose Your View

  1. In the conversation window, select the Pop Out Video Gallery arrow.
    Select pop out video gallery
  2. Select the Pick a Layoutbutton and choose a view:
    • Gallery View shows everyone's video streams.
    • Speaker View shows only the presenter's.
    • Content View shows only the meeting content.
    • Compact View shows pics of the participants in a compact window.
  3. Select Full Screen View for a large view of the video streams.
  4. Select Pop in the Video Gallery to show the gallery in the conversation window again.
    Choose your view

Join a Skype Meeting

There are so many ways!
Join a Skype Meeting

Which Skype Should I Use?

Skype for Business Skype for Business is for connecting with a co-worker or business associate.
Skype Skype is for connecting with your grandma, or chatting with friends while gaming.

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